Smartphone Universal Car Mount – Artis M300

Product id : STA01

  • Can be attached to dashboard OR Windshield glass
  • Adjustable/Universal Mount
  • Simple lock and mount system
  • Holds phone securely

Artis AR-M200 Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Product id : STA02

  • Universal car mount for all types of phones. Fits perfectly on windshield glass of your car
  • Small, compact and hassle free. Non recycled virgin plastic has been used for the manufacturing of this product


Artis U300 3.4A USB Wall Charger with Cable

Product id : CHA01

  • Dual USB Charger with apple/Micro USB/ Type C cable
  • 2 USB ports with 3.4A Output
  • Supports rapid charging
  • Quick Charge
  • 5V-3.4A Total Output
  • Widest input voltage range
  • 100 Volt and 240 Volt input
  • Ideal for Home and office use
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • safe charging,Support rapid charging

Artis U200 2 USB Wall Charger

Product id : CHA02

  • Widest input voltage range, from 100 V and 240 V input
  • Over charging, over heating & short circuit protection
  • Ideal for Home and office use
  • Quick Charge USB wall charger
  • Ideal for charging mobile phones, MP3 players and tablets
  • Superior Fit and Finish
  • Compact Design
  • 1A & 2.1A output
  • 1A: Phone, MP3 Player Quick charge
  • 2A: Tablet Quick charge

Portronics U-BOX

Product id : CHA03

UFO Home Charger

Product id : CHA04

  • 4 Ports 4.2A USB Charging Hub Ubox comes with 4.2a universal output wall charger provides faster charging