Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract

 Maintenance of any kind performed on a system is a consequence of the fact that systems (or components) deteriorate and fail. Any product or system that has maintenance directions or procedures has an implicit statement that there is a non-zero probability that the system could at some point operate outside its specified parameters. Failure to perform maintenance to maintain the dependability of a system can have effects ranging from benign to catastrophic.

Why our AMC services are different than others?

Our annual maintenance contract make sure that your system works efficiently year around with least interruption.

Benefits For Taking Shivam AMC?

  • Fast Response: Same day service but no later than 24hrs.
  • Work Continuity: You get immediate replacement parts & if need be a backup system while your parts/system gets repaired in a work shop.
  • No Waiting: Solution for many problems are provided thru remote diagnostics with immediate solutions.
  • Better Performing Systems: We provide preventive maintenance &system tune ups 4 times a year to keep them functioning at their peak.
  • Antiviruses scanning for trouble free operation.
  • Back UP Support: while formatting hard drive. Loaner hard drive provided if required.
  • Lost Driver CD: We maintain large number of device drivers, we download specific drivers for you if required.
  • Keep system in ship shape condition thru periodic monitoring & tune ups.
  • Be informed as we send you free product emails & newsletter to you on a regular basis.
  • Save on Repair Charges: As our AMC contract pays for repairs on most items.
  • Be Safe with your equipment’s: We do periodic electric safety check on your equipments.
  • We do annual site audit: once a year includes:Review of operational problems,Provide solutions for such problems,We suggest up gradation / expansion path for effective & smooth IT operations.
  • Know your asset: We provide once a year computerized IT asset print out of your systems for accurate inventory & control.
  • Your one Source for all your IT needs. Please inquire for any query.
  • Free consultation: we provide preliminary free consultation on various IT solutions and up gradation.